The Fabric Tag

Today we’re going to look at one of my most favourite things in the world, fabric! Yes, those glorious folds of woven threads, pile ’em high & stack them proudly I say! 😁

The fabric tag is a fun challenge started by Lisa Emerita and Renata of RunningNStyle. Thank you ladies!

1. What is your favourite fabric to work with?

Cotton prints. I collect fabric like an art collector curates a gallery (hence so many uncut fabrics, just can’t bring myself to do it!). Head over heels I go, falling in love with those fabrics that have detailed gothic prints or fun & quirky characters. For some time I’ve been against florals, they just weren’t my cup of tea. I think I must have mellowed in my 30s as I’m starting to see vintage inspired florals creep into my collection. I’m going to pin the blame on Gertie. Her pattern books make my heart flutter, conjuring up images in my head of made to fit wiggle dresses and pencil skirts in that wonderful 50s style!

2. What is your least favourite fabric to work with?

The shiny, slippery evil stuff. Yeah I’m look at you cheap, green satin like fabric. You were going to make a lovely evening dress. Flouncy sleeves, nipped in waist, the works. But you just couldn’t behave could you? I knew the moment I cut into you, the way you frayed all over the floor. The resistance to being pinned in a reasonable manner, then when I got you under that walking foot you even rebelled against the old tracing paper sandwich trick. We’re through, never again!

3. What is your favourite fabric to wear?

Depends on the situation really. Every day, knocking around the house I layer up and like to keep warm with a heavy knit jumper. I’ve recently purchased a ton of lingerie supplies including some beautiful soft lace so keep your eyes peeled for my thoughts on DIY underwear and photos of me prancing round in my keks come the summer. Ha, joking! It’s always too cold in this neck of the woods that kind of frolicking!

4. What is your least favourite fabric to wear?

Speaking of underwear, it’s that itchy band that you sometimes get on shop bought bras and knickers. Possibly got a nylon/barbed wire mix going on in there. Sets my skin off on a right rant. 

5. What is your favourite texture to work with?

On a previous visit to Abakhans fabric shop (my fabric mecca) I did spend an unnatural amount of time stroking the jacquard quilted fabrics. Ooh that texture was divine! I was particularly enamoured with the geometric patterns. I loved those quilted bumps!

6. What is your favourite print?

Without a doubt it’s anything Alexander Henry, more so if there are skulls or skeletons on it. πŸ’€

7. What is your favourite colour palette?

Bold and bright to look at but for actual wearing I love turquoise shades, blues and strong reds.

8. What is your least favourite colour palette?

Due to my olive skin tone I really do not suit peach or nude colours.

9. What is your favourite fibre content to work with?

Ooh I don’t think I have a favourite, though I mostly stitch cotton. I enjoy experimenting with all sorts!

10. What is the first fabric you worked with?

Oh gosh, I imagine it would have to have been a cotton print of some kind. Way back in time when my mum taught me to sew on her old Jones machine with the bullet shaped shuttle. 

11. What is your ultimate fabric goal to work with?

I’d love to gain experience working with all the fabrics so a current goal is to make something with some stunning scuba fabric that I bought the other week. I’m not sure what yet so if you know of any suitable patterns please let me know!

12. What is your ultimate garment to construct with your favourite fabric?

I’m not one to shy away from a challenge so coming up in the future I hope to get creative with some lace for both lingerie and a dress.

So what’s your favourite fabric? Do you stick to a certain type or are you like me, diving into all the fabrics?! Let me know below & if you take part in The Fabric Tag give me a nudge on Instagram as I’d love to read your answers!