The Pilar Bear Pattern Share


This month I took part in a wonderful sewing community activity started by Pilar Bear over on Instagram.

What is a pattern share?

Self-confessed sewing addict Pilar generously posted 7 sewing patterns from her stash to a fellow stitcher with the idea that the next person would select a pattern from the bundle and replace it with one of their own from their stash. The bundle would then be posted on to the next person and the same process repeated. Being a sewing addict myself and let’s say curator (as opposed to hoarder) of sewing patterns I leapt at the chance when I spotted the post on Caroline’s Instagram.


Lucky me, my name was pulled out of the hat and I soon found myself unwrapping a lovely package of stitching fun. Caroline had taken the time to include some rockin’ fabric scraps for me (hurrah for skulls!) and a handwritten note which made the parcel even more awesome having that personal touch. She had definitely taken the time to browse through my photos and see what I like which I really appreciated.


I selected the Anouk pattern from the bundle because the decorative front placket immediately caught my eye as a technique that I’d like to try. It is also labelled as an Intermediate level pattern and I’m not one to shy away from a challenge! I think this pattern will be one of those that you take your time with, reading through the instructions a few times and then tackling the steps a little each evening. The perfect winter sewing project!


The Anouk was swapped with the Lisette Traveler Dress pattern. I had two of these in my pattern stash in the same size range and I thought that this modern take on the classic shirtwaist dress was aptly named for the pattern share. I look forward to following the bundle on its adventures and seeing where my pattern ends up!

The journey so far


The pattern sharing chain is growing with the bundle having travelled from Spain to Scotland, then down to me in Cheshire, up the road a few miles to Faye (we unexpectedly live the next town over from each other) and then onto southeast Asia where Mylene lives. It really is great to see the bundle travelling worldwide!

Getting social with sewing

The one thing I love about social media is that it allows me to connect with others who share my passion for sewing and all the paraphernalia that comes with it. Those bookcases crammed with fabric and multiple boxes of patterns hidden under the bed don’t seem so bad when you see others are doing the same!

The sewing community on Instagram is worldwide and you are instantly rewarded with a new perspective at the tap of a follow button. This pattern sharing activity wasn’t just a chance to expand my sewing pattern stash, it was a chance to meet other stitchers from around the world and follow what they are creating. By adding a pattern from my sewing stash and adding a few stitching treats the pattern share became a personal investment that I eagerly follow from one Instagram account to another. As Pilar noted in her letter to Caroline and in turn, Caroline quoted to me:

I think it makes a difference when you do things with care and love.

The Pilar Bear Pattern Share is a fine example of this.

How to join

Would you like to get involved in the Pilar Bear Pattern Share? Then head over to the pattern share’s Instagram for details of the latest keeper of the bundle and how you can pop your name down to be included as the next recipient.

Follow the progress of my Anouk stitching over on my Instagram and feel free to say hello or offer any tips if you’ve made the top or dress from this pattern before.

Until next time, happy stitching!


The Handmade 100

Handmade Fair 2014 #handmade100

Handmade Fair 2014

It was a great honour to be featured in The Handmade Fair’s #Handmade100 list of Twitter’s top 100 crafters as voted for by the public.

The Handmade Fair was on this weekend at Hampton Court and from the looks of their Instagram feed it was a great event. I would have loved to have gone but unfortunately it clashed with my Little Man’s birthday. Here’s hoping for next year!

Check out the list here and discover some wonderful creations!

Photo A Day

Photo A Day #1

Photo A Day #1

What is Photo A Day?

I came across the challenge via a new networking group called MouseHouse on Facebook run by the lovely  Lezah from The Playdough Factory & the very knowledgeable Ana from JellyBean Home Decor. You can also find similar groups on Flickr and boards on Pinterest too. The idea is give a glimpse into your everyday life with a quick snapshot.

I’ll be posting mine here as well as on my Facebook page so I do hope you enjoy the sneak peek behind the scenes at Scavenger HQ.

Photo #1:

These crazy cats feature regularly in my life at the moment. The Cheshire Cat cushions that I make come in a range of colours and are most definitely the number one alternative stitchery to come out of the Emporium.

They are available in two sizes, a cosy 35cm x 35cm and a huggable 50cm x 50cm. My favourite colours are the bright pink, turquoise and dark purple. Which colour do you take a shine to?

Ahh, you can’t beat having a soft Cheshire Cat to snuggle up with whilst watching the telly!

Until next time,


Shiny new!

Here's Annie!Hello!

I’m Annie of Scavenger Annie’s Alternative Emporium. If you haven’t heard of me or my Emporium of rockin’ threads before then please head over to my website to instantly read a little more about me and my stitched goods.

I’ve been running my own alternative embroidery business from home for two years now,  so I decided that it was about time I gave my Alternative Emporium a revamp and have a good spring clean.

My website is up and running with an online shop from which you can purchase the most rockin’ gifts, clothes and accessories around. This shiny new blog is  where you’ll find my general musings, project news and craft related findings for your perusal.

I started my online business on Facebook and I do love a good retweet on Twitter so please call by and introduce yourself. I’m also finding myself becoming quickly addicted to Instagram with all those grungy photo filters and effects!

Well I will be back later today with my first post for the “Photo A Day” series, giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes of this calico girl’s life. For now, those machines and rockin’ threads are calling.

Have a rockin’ day,