Time for a craft room spring clean!

It’s a job I’ve been putting off for ages. A spring clean of the craft pit, err I mean my craft room. Join me on my quest to discover the ever elusive Clean Craft Room!


With the long Easter weekend upon us, it’s with a determined sighΒ that I log off Pinterest, put down my Kindle, and tidy up my craft room before I sew another stitch. No longer will an arm sweep of my desk suffice – the sunlight from the window is being hindered by a mound of craft paraphernalia! If you decide to take up the feather duster this weekend and tackle a crafty tidy up then check out some craft room inspirationΒ here.

Happy crafting!


Etsy Favourites – Wonderland goodies

Whilst stitching up some more Cheshire Cat cushions (which you can buy here) I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite Wonderland finds from Etsy.

Wonderland gifts on Etsy

1. AltHistory Studios / 2. urbaneye / 3. EleanorStuart / 4. Scavenger Annie Β / 5. littleme1969 / 6. nommon / 7. Icklebabe