Scavenger Annie


I’m Annie, a crafty lass with a love of the past (vintage sewing paraphernalia), the present (creating tattoo/geek/alternative embroidery) and the future (sci-fi and the ever evolving world of social media).

Born in the cotton county of Lancashire, in the former cotton manufacturing town of Oldham, the heritage of the old mills holds a special place in my heart. My family worked in the cotton mills of the textile industry and I had the honour of running similar textile machinery during my time at an industrial museum. That role and my family history led to the nickname Scavenger Annie – scavengers being the young children who used to clean the non-stop machines.

Sewing has been a creative thread that has woven itself in and out of my life over the years. My first memories of sitting in front of a sewing machine are that of my mum showing me how to use her blue and grey Jones machine, with it’s shuttle shaped bobbin, which she’s had since she was 21. Fast forward to secondary school, a home economics class, using a modern white plastic machine to create a fabric version of the front cover of a Babysitters Club novel (including a ragdoll sitting in a pocket). Then many years later, mum to a newborn and frustrated with the lack of skulls on babies clothes, I combined my sewing skills with embroidery. Scavenger Annie and the journey into alternative machine embroidery began.

Being a solo entrepreneur, with a marketing budget of little to none, led me head first into the world of social media, riding the waves of being an online business on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Learning as I goΒ along, I enjoy keeping an eye on the next trend and connecting with other people who enjoy creating and seeing what I stitch up next.

This blog is my craft room notebook keeping track of my sewing projects and sharing tips along the way when it comes to stitching and social media.

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate on a project together then please get in touch:

So welcome to the home of stitching with a rocking’ twist. Enjoy and pop the kettle on for a brew!