Shiny new!

Here's Annie!Hello!

I’m Annie of Scavenger Annie’s Alternative Emporium. If you haven’t heard of me or my Emporium of rockin’ threads before then please head over to my website to instantly read a little more about me and my stitched goods.

I’ve been running my own alternative embroidery business from home for two years now,  so I decided that it was about time I gave my Alternative Emporium a revamp and have a good spring clean.

My website is up and running with an online shop from which you can purchase the most rockin’ gifts, clothes and accessories around. This shiny new blog is  where you’ll find my general musings, project news and craft related findings for your perusal.

I started my online business on Facebook and I do love a good retweet on Twitter so please call by and introduce yourself. I’m also finding myself becoming quickly addicted to Instagram with all those grungy photo filters and effects!

Well I will be back later today with my first post for the “Photo A Day” series, giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes of this calico girl’s life. For now, those machines and rockin’ threads are calling.

Have a rockin’ day,


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