CBeebies Poster Boys: Opening the Floodgates

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Scavenger Annie:

Brilliant, just brilliant! Hehe!

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I can imagine, if you had a cage full of starved lions, that when you threw them some meat they’d all go mental. Well, earlier tonight I did just that: on Twitter. But instead of lions, it was mums. And instead of meat, it was – well, pieces of meat.

See, I was messing about a bit with photos of the CBeebies presenters following an idea which came to me as I was sitting on the bathroom floor waiting for my two year-old to do a wee on the toilet. (We were there for about 40 minutes, but that’s another story.)

And so, when the kids were tucked up in bed, I tweeted a photo of Mr Bloom - whom I know a lot of mums have a bit of a thing for.

Within a few seconds my replies feed was overwhelmed, submerged beneath a sea of hormones as mums everywhere took…

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A Scavenger in Derbyshire for Craft Business Inspiration Day

Craft Business Inspiration Day, Derbyshire

Yesterday I hopped into the oxo cube (our courtesy car whilst big booty Meggy is undergoing repairs) and took an adventurous road trip over hills and dales to Derbyshire to experience the first Craft Business Inspiration Day run by Photocraft and The Business Shaper. Both companies offer fantastic advice to those who have a small creative business like myself. The live workshop was held in the Haybarn at the most beautiful Beechenhill Farm in Ilam. The venue was a stunning renovated farm building with vast views of the inspiring Peak District National Park.

Beechenhill Farm, Ilam

Beechenhill Farm, Ilam

It was fantastic to get out of the house and meet up with fellow creative types who run their own businesses. One of the most daunting things I’ve found since being made redundant last year is that lack of social interaction that I used to get in a work environment. Now I’m at home with the Little Man (I’ll have to think of a new nickname as he’s not so little any more!) the main way in which I talk to people is through a computer screen, often messaging on social media. Running your own home based business can be very isolating so to get out into the fresh air and chat to like-minded people face to face was a definite plus.
There were around 30 of us there that day, slightly nervous, unsure what to expect but eager to learn new skills that can be of benefit to our businesses.

A hub of creative minds inside the Haybarn

A hub of creative activity inside the Haybarn

After a brief introduction and an ice breaker we were split into smaller groups. This gave us a chance to chat about what we do and learn that we were all pretty much in the same boat. We were all running our own creative businesses from home, we wanted to be more organised and wished give our businesses a boost with a fresh approach.

Discussing the finer points of selling to a retailer

Getting to know you, getting to know all about yoooou!

With a balanced mix of mini workshops and group activities the day was jam packed with information. The workshops consisted of Lyndsey James of Photocraft providing a brilliant insight into product photography for craft businesses; Daniel Philips discussing how to make the most of online marketing and using social media; and Suzy Rai giving advice on how to be confident when selling and perfecting our pitches when talking to retailers about our products.

Essential kit: Notebook, pen, biz cards & a cuppa

Essential kit: Notebook, pen, biz cards & a good brew

With all that was going on the day soon passed. If you get the chance to go to one of these events just do it, you will love every minute! I met some talented crafters and my head was buzzing with ideas on the journey home, so I can’t wait to implement them into my business plan to ensure Scavenger Annie’s threads stay at their most rockin’!

Hate it when people spam your newsfeed?

Scavenger Annie:

It’s always good to support small businesses, even when you’re friends. You never know what a simple share of an item or website link could mean for a small business!

Originally posted on Glitter, Guts & Glory:

Recently a colleague said that he unfriends people on Facebook when they “spam” his news feed with posts about their businesses. This is an open letter to him and everyone who agrees.

Dear Colleague,

You say you hate it when your news feed is spammed on Facebook by friends and their businesses. I do understand that you feel inundated by media messages and advertisements everyday telling you to buy this and buy that. Your hard earned money gets spent way too quickly. I understand, and we have all become so cynical and cautious about these messages.

Or have we?


Vintage cuff by Iridenscence

We see McDonald’s everywhere we go, we don’t even realise how often we look at those golden freaking arches. If it’s not the restaurant itself we’re looking at, there’s a bag of food somewhere that someone is carrying around, or someone has left around littering the streets, or there’s…

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Bare Basics of Machine Sewing

Bare Basics of Machine Sewing

There are still places available on tomorrow’s sewing session “Bare Basics of machine sewing” at Fairfield & Howley Neighbourhood Project, Willis Street, #Warrington.
£25 for 3 hours sewing tuition 6pm-9pm and includes materials for 2 class projects.
Please message the page or email annie@scavengerannie.co.uk to book.